What are the Ks For???

Whether you’re in attendance at a Major League game, or right here in Elsinore with the Storm….you may have noticed the letter K floating around somewhere.  But why?

The K represents strikeouts, when a batter racks up three strikes in a single at bat.  K is used in baseball scorekeeping, even though the official abbreviation used by Major League Baseball is SO.

A forwards facing K is used when a batter swings and misses for the third strike.  If backwards, , referred to as a “strikeout looking”: this means that the batter did not swing, and the third strike was called by the umpire.

According to wikipedia:  “K” is still commonly used by fans and enthusiasts for purposes other than official record-keeping. One baseball ritual involves fans attaching a succession of small “K” signs to the nearest railing, one added for every strikeout notched by the home team’s pitcher, following a tradition started by New York Mets fans in honor of “Dr. K”, Dwight Gooden. The “K” may be placed backwards () in cases where the batter strikes out looking, just as it would appear on a scorecard. Virtually every televised display of a high-strikeout major league game will include a shot of a fan’s strikeout display, and if the pitcher continues to strike out batters, the display may be shown following every strikeout.

For more information, please visit wikipedia.

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